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since over 25 years!

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We teach your data WWW

We develop state of the art custom software solutions for you

  • For Unix, Windows,IOS, Android or any browser!
  • Programming languages C++, Java, PHP(7) and Javascript/Typescript
  • Experienced in secure networking and all aspects of securing applications
  • Firmware Development for your hardware project.
  • Internet of things - we do this since over 10 years!
  • Fair, transparent pricing with fixed delivery dates.
  • Profesional support, optional 24/7 monitoring for your application


We implement software projects for your applications by ourselves, or integrated in your team. In this context we are able to support you from the requirements analysis up to validation. We will incorporate you in the process on the basis of our many years of experience where this makes sense and relieve you of your workload wherever this is possible. You concentrate on your application; we will take over the rest. We can ensure seamless integration in your environment during implementation. We implement systems in which a wide range of technologies interact:

Web Development

You need a special application for your needs. We can help with planning of development and infrastructure for your project!

Application Security Analysis

We check your infrastructure for security related problems. Note that, unless most companies, we develop our own software to verify noone can break into your system. We "hack" your system, to point out security issues.

Web Reporting

We bring your data to the internet. Whatever data you have, we can help you making data availbale on the inter- or intra-net.


We help you developing stragedies for your network that is secure and optimized for your needs.


We are proud to have worked for companies from the automative, medical and ISP service area. Companies like our professional planning and delivery of our products. Just to point out some of our past work. Our product dwf2pdf was installed by over 25.000 companies world wide, our system for "greeting-cards" was used by millions of people daily. The biggest hospitals, bloodbanks and stemcyte facilities in the US use our software to monitor medical equipment in real time with over 25.000 monitoring points.

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